Dog Glide Conditioning Detangling Spray

  • Dog Glide Conditioning Detangling Spray

Dog Glide Conditioning Detangling Spray


About this product

Glide is a detangling conditioning misting spray to release knots and recondition the coat. Glide can be used before a bath or between grooms to maintain with regular brushing. Use a mist of Glide over the coat and brush through with one of our Slicker brushes which will ease tangles and help remove knots. Designed to aid all grooming techniques Works with wet or dry coats to ease the work load of the groomer and glide through the knots and tangles whilst conditioning. Comes in a comfortable handy 185 ml size with a continuous light spray misting bottle. The misting spray bottle produces a fine even mist, leaving the hair easy to manage for brushing, combing, clipping or scissoring Leaves a pleasant fruity scent without leaving a residue on the coat and helps to condition the coat at the same time Leaves the coat silky smooth. Glide can be sprayed repeatedly during the groom and still allowing the movement of the natural hair.


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