White Weighted Pet Bowl

  • White Weighted Pet Bowl

White Weighted Pet Bowl


These Pet Bowls are perfect for fitting into both home and daily routine.
Best bowl for cats and dogs. It is suitable as a feeding bowl or as a water bowl for dogs, cats and other pets.

• Small D 14 cm, H 5 cm, W 600 g / 520ml capacity (Cats, small dogs)
• Medium D 18 cm, H 6 cm, W 1 kg / 900ml capacity (Medium size dogs)
• Large D 22 cm, H 7 cm, W 2 kg / 1750ml capacity (Large dogs) Features

• Available in 4 colours
• Durable & robust
• Weighted material to stop sliding
• No harmful chemicals
• Fire resistant
• Impact resistant

The set includes
• One solid jesmonite round base with rubber pads underneath
• One removable stainless steel bowl Care
• Made from Jesmonite and stainless steel (inner bowl)
• (ONLY STEEL COLOR) Removable inner bowl can be cleaned in the dishwasher
• DO NOT wash gold, copper or black steel bowls in the dishwasher, the color will fade.
• Jesmonite base wipe clean only


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