Dog Collar Lilac Plaited

  • Dog Collar Lilac Plaited

Dog Collar Lilac Plaited


This signature collar is classy, versatile and durable. Made from high-quality materials with vegan leather, poly and stylish zinc-alloy hardware (colour: rose gold) Also available in a variety of colours Available in XS (smaller plait) S, M, L

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the elasticity in the material it's imperative to allow a 4-5cm stretch (only 2cm stretch for the XS) when measuring the neck span. For example;  If your furry friend has a 30cm neck span you will need a collar size to fit a 25cm neck, in this instance an XS collar would be the ideal size. (this is to ensure that the collar does not slip over the head)

XS -Width (1.5cm) Length- 21-29cm (smaller plait)
S - Width (2cm) Length - 29cm-37cm
M -Width (2cm) Length - 37cm-45cm
L - Width (2cm) Length - 43cm-51cm


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