Cat Igloo - Interactive Cat Toy

  • Cat Igloo - Interactive Cat Toy

Cat Igloo - Interactive Cat Toy


About this product

The cat IGLOO interactive cat toy by inooko consists of 5 kibble hiding places. It turns mealtime into a hunt and encourages your cat to make an effort to get its food in a fun and natural way. Your cat's physical and mental activity will be rewarded! The intelligent igglo-shaped design and its 5 hiding places awaken your cat's hunting instinct, which must catch kibble with its paws. A slower way of feeding that makes it easier for your cat to digest and prevents stomachache and bloating.
Particularly suitable for cats living in apartments, the IGLOO cat allows you to occupy and stimulate your cat to fight against boredom, the main cause of depression, anxiety, weight gain, aggressiveness, destruction, etc


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