Dehydrated Rabbit Heads

  • Dehydrated Rabbit Heads

Dehydrated Rabbit Heads


 🐇Why feed Rabbit Heads?🐇

  • 🐰 Furry chews are a great addition to add to your pet diet since fur has fibers that help aid in digestion
  • ❤️‍🩹 These are great alternatives if your pet is allergic or sensitive to traditional proteins such as chicken or beef
  • 🐺 Your dogs' senses will appreciate the fur left on these chews! Fur gives off exciting new smells to discover! It also satisfies their canine desires by enabling them to pick and gnaw at the chew
  • 🧠 Great chew for mental enrichment!

Contents: Two-Halved Rabbit Heads. Four pieces total (Earless) 

Ingredients: 100% Rabbit Heads

Safe Handling Instructions

It is possible for certain food products to contain bacteria that, if mishandled, may cause illness to you and your pet. To ensure maximum results, keep the product sealed until ready to use. Once opened, store it in a dark, dry, cool place. 


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