Meta Bed Dog Carrier

  • Meta Bed Dog Carrier

Meta Bed Dog Carrier


Pet carrier, pet bed, tote bag... You can find them all in one with this multipurpose Meta Bed Carrier!

The hottest hue of the pink meets the enjoyable, premium scuba fabric that is highlighted with the embroidered iconic Moshiqa Cat & Dog monograms to create the most hip & happen pet bag for today’s pet parents. Plus! With its turnable zippers, you can have two different bags in one product.

The inside of the bag is made from bright pink, fluffy plush fabric and supported by a comfy layer of soft fiber. This feature transforms the Meta Bed Carrier into an instant rest area and a practical bed for your cutie which makes you always ready for spontaneous trips and unexpected staycations. The ergonomically shaped design gives a sense of security and calmness to cope with trip anxieties. You can attach your pup’s leash or collar to its golden D ring and make it extra secure!

Hold your loved one close to you! The eye-catching Meta Bed Carrier enables you to travel with furkids more intimately than ever.


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