Mini Pineapplie Enrichment Lick Mat

  • Mini Pineapplie Enrichment Lick Mat

Mini Pineapplie Enrichment Lick Mat


About this product

Introducing our exquisite pineapple-shaped lickimat – perfect for small dog breeds. Its secure suction cups keep dogs calm during bath time. Alleviate stress and promote mental stimulation. Crafted with care, our pineapple-shaped lickimat combines visual appeal and functionality. Its compact size ensures a safe and enjoyable treat experience. Simply spread your dog's favorite wet food or treats on it, or freeze it for added fun. Elevate mealtime and delight your furry customers with jamie the label's exceptional lickimat. Order now and bring joy to every wagging tail. Handwashing recommended, but also machine washable on the top shelf.


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