La douceur d'amandes oil

  • La douceur d'amandes oil

La douceur d'amandes oil


About this product

La douceur d'amandes oil is perfect for all coat types. It provides intensive care, detoxifies and makes the coat shiny. This purely organic care product is enriched with almond oil. Their natural lipids give the coat a silky soft shine. Rich in vitamin E, it protects against damage caused by external influences (environment, sun, etc.) and against dehydration. application Care treatment: Depending on the size of the dog, add 1-2 coats of oil to the conditioner and dilute with water. Massage in and let it work for 1-2 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Unknot: When washing, apply the oil directly to the matted area and brush it out, then rinse thoroughly. ingredients Caprylic/Capric Trigliceride, Coco Caprylate, Glyceryl Citrate/Lactate/Oleate/Linoleate, PCA Glyceryl Oleate, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Seed Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil, Tocopherol


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