Super-Flora Probiotic Supplement

  • Super-Flora Probiotic Supplement

Super-Flora Probiotic Supplement


Maintain your dog's digestive & immune health!

Super-Flora Probiotic Supplement Chews provide the perfect balance of good bacteria to maintain a healthy microbiome, support the immune system, and promote the absorption of nutrients necessary for healthy functioning. Each chew contains 1 billion CFU of our proprietary blend of 7 different strains of good bacteria, including canine-specific strains. Additionally, these probiotic chews include inulin, a naturally derived prebiotic that helps the good bacteria grow and flourish in the gut.

Your dog will love the chicken flavor, made from real chicken! With no artificial flavors or preservatives, Super-Flora Probiotic chews are a delicious way to support your dog's overall wellness.


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